Supporting the independent education community

Your Union talking with you


The IEU is in the middle of another great leap forward in engaging and communicating with you, our valued members.


Your Union is in the process of rolling out a number of targeted groups and communication channels on Facebook. The idea being to foster deeper communication ties, feedback and consultancy with our members on specific issues, sectors and campaigns.


All IEU members are encouraged to join, you can be as active or passive a participant as you like. We will be promoting conversation both with Organisers in the group as well as between members from across NSW and ACT.


We currently have a number of community groups already live and active, although small in membership currently. Early joiners will have the added benefit of helping us decide upon the parameters and structures of the group, and help guide our interactions. This is new territory for us as well, and all feedback is welcomed. Additionally, let us know if you think there is an issue, sector or topic that you think could benefit from a discussion group like this.


The groups and their memberships are moderated by IEU Organisers with a strict no employer policy, so you can feel safe knowing your conversations won’t get you into trouble.


Join the groups with the links below. We look forward to working with you.


Young Members Initiative

Pre-Service Teachers

Early Childhood Teachers

Environmental Group

Workload Investigations and discussions

HSC Markers