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Inaugural worldwide Education Support Staff Day


Historically underrepresented and undervalued, support staff are essential to the functioning of the education system and critical members of the union movement. 


In recognition of the critical importance of their role, Education International has declared this 16 May the inaugural worldwide Education Support Personnel Day – highlighting their experience, professionalism and the importance of their role.


The global launch announcement for the day was made in Brussels, Belgium at the first conference on Education Support Personnel, attended by around 60 education staff from across 36 countries.


"Education Support Personnel are an essential part of the education community and have an essential place in the education movement and our unions, as education workers committed to education as a human right for the public good," stated EI General Secretary David Edwards.


"Though we have different conditions and experiences in different countries, we have shared challenges, and we must recognise that it takes a whole workforce to educate the whole student," he added.


At the conclusion of the Belgium conference, participants adopted the Declaration on the rights and status of Education Support Personnel which among other points affirms that "ESP are important for educating the ‘whole student’ – their contributions ensure that students’ academic, socio-emotional and practical needs are met, fostering equitable and inclusive education systems".