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Catholic schools dispute - your resolve pays off

Youtube video transcript by IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary John Quessy:

Hello, this is a message for IEU members working in schools run by the 11 Catholic dioceses.

Firstly my apologies that it has been so long between these messages but we have been working hard to finish negotiating an Enterprise Agreement that we can recommend to you.

We met with the CCER several times in December, during the Christmas break and have continued those negotiations through term 1.

We have now what we think is a final document, or very close to. Our senior officers are currently double and triple checking it before we offer our endorsement. I hope you’ll be able to vote on this early in April.

I’ll not try to unpack all that it contains but I will take you to one crucial set of words.

They are about how we will settle disputes if they can’t be resolved through discussion and conciliation. If that happens then

“The FWC may then ON APPLICATION BY EITHER PARTY arbitrate the dispute and make a determination binding on the parties”

These are the words you demanded and they’re there.

There is only one reason why they are included. The strong and solid support that you, our members gave during this long campaign. The overwhelming message you sent with 88% voting NO to the employers’ proposal last year

Many, but not all the Work Practices Agreements are finalised and we will have more to say on those next week. Sydney Catholic schools for example have moved a long way on the issue of primary class sizes.

Watch out for news on that front.

Newsmonth will start the process of unpacking new and improved features of the EA. Union officers are keen to talk with your chapter about the Agreement.

Thanks for listening and I’ll have a lot more detail in coming weeks.