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NESA confirms accreditation for Pre-2004 teachers via eTAMs

Are you trying to contact NESA? The Union would like to inform all Pre-2004 teachers who have not received their confirmation of accreditation, that NESA has confirmed these teachers can return to work on Monday 29 January.
NESA has also confirmed to the Union that not all teachers had received their confirmation notice and their welcome packs yet. These are likely to be sent in February.
What is eTAMs?
Electronic Teacher Accreditation  Management System (eTAMs) is an online account for everyone with a role in Teacher Accreditation -­ teachers, TAAs principals and PD providers etc. This can be used to access account details, timeframes, view and update PD hours etc.
What should teachers do?

According to their website, NESA emailed a list of accredited Pre-2004 teachers to principals and TAA¹s.
Teachers should email NESA if Pre-2004 staff are missing from allocated school lists.
Please be aware that NESA are still working to match the data for 150,000 accredited teachers against schools.
Technical issues

eTAMs have been unavailable online due to a significant upgrade but NESA states it should be available to access from this afternoon Thursday 25 January.