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NESA struggles to process teachers’ accreditation online

The Union wishes to advise members that NESA is still having problems processing teachers’ accreditation.
Due to ongoing technical difficulties since December 2017, NESA’s website has either been down or providing limited access to teachers.
This may affect some members who have not been able to submit reports online, update their professional development log or pay invoices. Likewise, providers of PD such as the IEU haven’t been able to validate participants or add new courses to the register.

What can you do?
Members who have received an invoice from NESA are advised to pay by the due date using BPay, credit card, direct debit, cheque or money order. The details can be found on the invoice.
Additionally, pre-October 2004 teachers who should have been accredited on 1 Jan 2018, may also have not received their accreditation pack in the mail or received multiple copies.

If you haven’t received your pack, don’t worry for the moment. Members who have received multiple copies are advised to recycle responsibly.
Furthermore, some members may not have received an email with their login details or an invoice yet. NESA are working to fix this issue and have informed the Union that they are hoping to send out invoices at the end of term 1.

Members will have 6 weeks from that date to pay. When NESA sends the invoices, the IEU will email members to remind them to pay by the due date.
Should you not have received your invoice after the Union publishes that it’s due, please contact the IEU for more assistance.
The Union advises that members to keep in mind that this is state-wide problem and we will continue to keep you informed.
As ever, if you receive notification from your employer or NESA that there is a problem with your accreditation, please contact the IEU for support. Ring 02 8202 8900 or email for assistance.
This advice is current as at March 2018.

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