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Payment for camps


Up to now, they often relied on the goodwill of their staff. But the NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement now provides for payment to classroom and learning support employees for attendance at overnight camps and excursions.

The payment applies regardless of whether you are required to attend, or you volunteer to attend. Under the agreement if you supervise or assist students on camp you are eligible for an allowance of $45 for each night’s ‘sleep over’. The employer is required to give at least four weeks’ notice of the requirement to attend and the employee may refuse if the requirement is unreasonable due to the employee’s personal circumstances, for example any family and carer responsibilities. If the employee volunteers for the task or there is mutual agreement regarding attendance, the four weeks’ notice requirement doesn’t apply.

The payment of an allowance is an improvement. However, there still needs to be some hard discussions as to what duties you will be undertaking and when you will be on duty during the camp.

While on camp you are working and are to be paid for the hours you work even though you are away from the school. This may mean that you will be working additional hours. Additional hours can be paid as extra hours if the weekly hours are still less than 38 for that week, overtime for hours worked before 7am or after 6pm or in excess of the 38 hour weekly cap, or you can choose to have the extra hours treated as time in lieu.

Before you go be clear about what you will be doing, when you will be doing it and how you will be compensated.

Don’t hesitate to contact your school Rep or Union organiser if you have any questions or need assistance.