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Victory for common sense

The IEU has welcomed the announcement by the Education Council (25 January) that it will not introduce ‘robo marking’ of writing tests which constitute part of NAPLAN this year.

The IEU joined forces with other unions, P&C groups, principals’ organisations and others to oppose plans by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to use automated marking for the persuasive writing tests in NAPLAN.

“We felt it was imperative that students and their families not be left to the mercy of largely untested robotic marking,” IEU Secretary John Quessy said.

“Teachers’ professional judgement and experience in assessing students must not be subsumed by a rush to the cheapest and quickest option,” Quessy said.

He said the IEU has never been consulted about the introduction of the automated marking.

The Education Council statement said any change to its position in the future would be informed by further research.

“We welcome that announcement, and trust teachers and their unions will be fully consulted on any developments regarding automating NAPLAN marking in the future,” Quessy said.