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Wasn't this for positive support?


Since 2011, the Australian Professional Standard for Principals (‘the Standard’) has provided a public statement setting out what school principals are expected to know, understand and do to succeed in their work.


The Standard is an integrated model which recognises three Leadership Requirements which a principal draws upon, within five areas of Professional Practice. The Leadership Profiles (‘the Profiles’) which have since been developed describe each of the Leadership Requirements and Professional Practices in more detail. 


Current Enterprise Agreements for principals in Catholic systemic schools reference the Principal Standard, as do many letters of appointment.


AITSL completed a desktop mapping exercise on the current implementation of the Principal Standard in 2018.  The evidence from this review was apparently that it was being used to support positive performance and development processes, as per its intent, but not management of alleged ‘underperformance’.


The IEU has previously raised concerns with employers who have sought to use the AITSL Principal Standard for disciplinary purposes, believing that this is contrary to the purpose of the Standard which is to guide school leaders on their learning pathway and empower them to develop and support teaching to maximise student learning.


Any principal with concerns about the use of the Principal Standard is welcome to contact the IEU for advice.