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Wilcannia-Forbes: Members vote in support of a WPA

Wilcannia-Forbes is the only diocese in NSw and the ACT that does not have a Work Practices Agreement. In each of the other 10 dioceses, members enjoy some certainty over issues such as hours of work, meeting times, release from face to face, and support for graduate teachers.

As there is no Work PRactices Agreement in Wilcannia-Forbes conditions can vary from school to school. This means a principal can, for example, decide to use a teacher's release from face to face as time for a 'learning walk' or the school day should conclude at 4.00pm.

It is the Union's position that members working for the Diocese of WIlcannia-Forbes should be provided with the same protections as members working in any other diocese.

Recently, members in the Diocese Wilcannia-Forbes voted in support of the following motion:

Members endorse the Union's claim for a Work Practices Agreeement for the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes.

Members understand the proposed agreement will seek to regulate conditions including, but not limited to, meeting times, RFF, support for graduate teachers, conditions for part time teachers, school hours and email responses.

Members further call on the Union to begin negotiation in pursuit of a WPA for the Diocese as quickly as is practicable.

This motion was further endorsed by the Central West Branch and the most recent IEU Council meeting in Sydney. A letter was sent last week to the Director asking for a meeting to begin negotiations.