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Our last issue of Newsmonth ran a number of stories featuring the work and impact of support staff members across the industry. The June edition of Newsmonth, featured a number of stories about support staff and the important contribution they make to the proper functioning of the schools and institutions in which they work.

We celebrated the inaugural International Support Staff day, in which we were able to add the strength of our own annual support staff celebrations to a global celebration for the first time. Read about the celebrations here.


IEU member and workplace rep, Patricia Toohey, tells us about her experience as an IEU rep over the last 10 years and encourages other members of support staff considering taking on the role in their workplace position to seize the opportunity.


“I guess because teachers make up the majority of the school, support staff assume that a teacher should be the Rep,” say Toohey.

“But there’s no reason why they can’t do it and having a different perspective at chapter meetings would be great.”

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