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Maitland-Newcastle CSO puts on hold cuts in learning support hours

On Friday 9 August the IEU met with representatives of Teaching and Learning, and Human Resources in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese regarding significant variations to learning support allocations across the Diocese.


The Union was concerned that employees had already been advised of reductions in hours even though there had been no consultation with the Union nor employees about proposed changes in hours as required by the Enterprise Agreement.  Under the Enterprise Agreement, the employer is required to consult concerning the effect on employees of major changes to their work and to minimise the adverse effects of changes.  This could occur by discussions at a school level and also at a system level in that additional hours may be available at nearby schools.


As a result of the meeting, the Diocese has agreed to defer any changes until appropriate consultation has occurred both at the system and school level.


The Union has requested formal written advice outlining the nature of the proposed changes and the impact on members.


Once we have received this information we will hold further discussions with members.


Affected members should not hesitate to raise any concerns with your Organiser.