Supporting the independent education community

20 September global climate strike

IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Council, and Environment Conference, recently unanimously voted in favour of a motion acknowledging the climate crisis and expressing solidarity with protestors.

The passed motion is as follows: 

We, the council of IEUA NSW/ACT Branch

  1. Recognise that climate change is a global emergency representing an existential threat.

  2. Acknowledge that climate change is already having negative effects in Australia and internationally, such as increasing severity and likelihood of climate events, more damaging bushfires, breaking of heat records and coral reef bleaching.

  3. Acknowledge that climate change will disproportionately affect working people and already disadvantaged communities and members of society, and it is vital that we strive together in a campaign for climate justice, as both an environmental and human rights issue.

  4. Express our solidarity with students who are engaged in taking action on Friday September 20.

  5. Will support students where it is safe, appropriate and ethical to do so.”

The IEU is sending a delegation from the IEU office, and we encourage members to show solidarity by participating in one or more of the suggested ideas below which have been proposed by the students:

  • Apply for a form of approved leave in order to attend the Climate Strike;
  • Organise a workplace action to show solidarity such as posting selfies to social media;
  • Pass a resolution of solidarity from you sub-branch.