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ACTU backs #ClimateStrike

ACTU Statement on Climate Change Strike

Action to address the climate crisis is urgent and essential.

Climate change is a workers issue. It effects every industry and every sector.

It is working people and the poor, our families, communities and especially future generations who will bear the brunt of the inaction of our current Federal Government.

The Morrison Government is captured by vested interests. They are refusing to act to support the development of new jobs and industries which are good for the planet and could be providing good, secure and safe jobs for the next generation.

They are also refusing to take responsibility to support workers and communities already bearing the brunt of a changing climate and a diversifying energy sector.

They are refusing to face up to the responsibility of our rapidly warming planet and all the subsequent effects on our country and our people.

One of the fundamentals of unionism is the power of people joining together to stand up for justice. We have and must take a stand for our future when our Government will not. It follows that we support children, young people and workers being part of Australia’s proud tradition of protest, taking collective action and calling our Government to account.

The full Congress policy can be found here