Supporting the independent education community


Your Union continues to work away at improving working conditions for members across the sector. The best way to do this is through enterprise bargaining. The IEU has recently agreed to terms at UNSW Global, UoW College, Sydney College of English, Navitas English NSW, Taylors College, and Insearch, with a range of improvements across all of these centres.


A summary of outcomes:

  • Insearch – 2.5% per annum, plus improvements in sessional contract selection.
  • Navitas English NSW – Wages Price Index increases, plus improvements in Admin staff classifications.
  • Sydney College of English – 2% per annum, plus a casual conversion provision, and improved Disputes provisions.
  • Taylors College – 2.5% per annum, plus paid Domestic Violence Leave, and improved Dispute resolution provisions
  • UoW College – 2.3% per annum, plus improvements to Teacher Classification arrangements.
  • UNSW Global – 2% per annum + an “uplift payment” built into salary rates, along with improvements to arrangements for off-site work and Additional Leave


Bargaining continues at Embassy English and Navitas English Services, and will soon commence at Sydney English Language Centres (SELC), WSU The College, and Navitas English ACT.


Enterprise Agreements typically provide for superior wages and conditions to the award, and the Fair Work Act includes provisions relating to “good faith bargaining”, under which employees can compel an employer to commence bargaining. To find out how that might work at your workplace, contact your Union.