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Nineteen per cent pay rise for support staff in government schools

Pay rises have just been agreed (on 3 September) for support staff in government schools, following an application by the Public Service Association (PSA).  The PSA application was lodged in 2017 with the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. The increase was because the existing pay rates had been undervalued on gender grounds. The Union understands that staff will receive a pay rise of at least  19% over three years with a 13.8% increase to be paid in the current financial year, back paid to 1 July.  

The Union was aware of the PSA claim when we prepared our claim for members in Catholic systemic schools. Our claim for support staff in Catholic systemic schools includes the following:

“Rates of pay in government schools are currently the subject of review by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, based on a claim that the work is under-valued on gender grounds. Increases granted for government schools employees must flow through to Catholic school employees.

We are currently studying yesterday’s announcement  to work out the precise dollar implications for our members in Catholic systemic schools and independent schools.