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Universal access funding review

A review is being conducted by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) into the Universal Access funding that supports children’s participation in 600 hours of preschool education in the year before school.

This is especially important to NSW community based preschools as the highest proportion of NSW preschool funding comes from the Commonwealth Government, not from the state, so any changes to Universal Access funding will impact community based preschools in a major way. For profit long day care services and their peak bodies will be arguing that a larger proportion of Universal Access funding should go to long day care centres as more children receive their preschool education in long day care centres.

IEUA NSW/ACT Branch urges all members and the services they work with to make a submission to this review. Universal Access funding is currently only guaranteed till the end of 2020 and it is possible this review could mean major changes in how preschool education is funded in Australia for the coming decade.

Submissions should seek to present the unique situation of NSW and how the increased funding that Universal Access funding has brought to NSW has increased access to early education for children in NSW.

A discussion paper on the review can be read at An online survey can also be completed via this website.

Submissions can be sent to . Submissions close on 6 October, 2019.