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Advice for next generation of teachers

St Brigid’s Catholic College Lake Munmorah Principal, Julie Terry, provided her expertise to the IEU’s preservice teacher’s day recently, answering questions from prospective teachers about what principals look for during interviews. 


Julie is always willing to lend a hand to important Union activities. She features in the IEU’s handbook on parental and carer’s leave, talking about the importance of maternity and carer’s leave rights achieved through union activism.


Julie raised seven children, two with autism, without the benefit of paid maternity leave or carer’s leave.


“It could have been a lot easier with those benefits,” she said.


“I believe in the critical role our profession plays in creating a positive future and doing whatever I can to encourage the next generation of teachers,” Julie said.


 “I listen for passion during interviews and a deep desire to learn as well as teach,” she said.


She said the day, during which the students heard from Union officers as well as principals,  was important so that new teachers understood their working rights only exist because of previous Union activity.


An active Principals Sub-branch member, Julie said principals need representation from the Union as much as any level of staff.


“I have always found the Union supportive of me in my principalship,” she said.