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Catholic Systemic principals' EA

The IEU has formally lodged a claim for a new Enterprise Agreement with CCER and continues to meet with principal members regarding ongoing negotiations.


The claim was formally lodged with CCER on 4 September and covers aspects of the pay and conditions claim for teachers, as well as specific issues in relation to principals’ classification and remuneration, the implications of emerging models of leadership such as school networks and co principals, the increasing workload associated with compliance, and concerns about the safety and wellbeing of principals


Within that context, the Union has been meeting with principal members and recent gatherings have included Parramatta Diocese principals on 13 August, Sydney Eastern Region principals on 23 August and Broken Bay principals on 19 September.


A meeting with Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese principals will be held on 1 November, with Wilcannia-Forbes Diocese principals on 6 November and with Lismore Diocese principals on 28 November.  The Term 4 IEU Principals Sub Branch meeting is scheduled for 2 November at the Union’s Parramatta office.