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New Agreement for Uniting Care Centres

IEU is pleased with the final outcome of negotiations and endorses the proposed Enterprise Agreement to our members.


If approved by the majority of members the new agreement will contain the following: 

Salaries and Allowances –There will be a 3% increase to salaries and allowances

payable from 1 July 2020 and a 2.5% increase payable from 1 July 2021.  Their last increase from their previous agreement was in July 2019.


Non-contact Time – Critical reflection time of 15 minutes per week will be introduced. In addition, from December 6 2019, non-contact time will be a minimum of two hours per week or 25 minutes per child per month, whichever is greater amount. From 1 July 2021, Programming time will increase to a minimum of 2.5 hours per week or 30 minutes per child per month.


Transition to School Statements - Each employee responsible for Transition to School Statements will receive 25 minutes of non contact time per statement, up to a maximum of 8 hours per employee.


Educational Leaders – Five hours per month non contact time will be granted to Educational Leaders. In addition, time for mentoring purposes educational leaders will receive of 30 minutes every three months for each educator responsible for documentation employed at the service.


Long Service Leave – Employees shall be able to take Long Service Leave in blocks of a minimum of two weeks.


Discretionary Leave - Preschool employees only will be able to access two days of their Personal Leave to attend family events.


Professional Development - Teachers will be able attend at least eight hours per year of NESA Registered Professional Development. Uniting will pay course costs and teachers will be paid overtime or accrue Time in Lieu for attendance outside work hours.


Overtime and Time in Lieu – Teachers, both long day care and preschools will be paid overtime or accrue time in lieu for attendance at all required meetings held outside working hours (the current EA only provides this for staff meetings). Time in Lieu is to be used within 12 weeks unless otherwise agreed. Unused Time in Lieu will be paid out at overtime rates.


Union Training Leave - Uniting will provide paid leave for up to five delegates for up to three days per year, to attend union activities including Union Training and Conferences.