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CSO members to take Industrial Action

IEU members employed in the Catholic Schools Office Maitland-Newcastle have been successful in their application for protected industrial action. 88% of eligible voters participated in the ballot with over 95% voting for the right to take industrial action.


These members have since met, and collectively decided they will stop work for 2 hours, on Wednesday 20 November.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Why is the action occurring?


In 2018 the diocese undertook a restructure known as Many parts, One body, One mission. As a result of the restructure around 30  IEU members were reclassified as being in the employ of the diocese under ‘shared services’ rather than the Catholic Schools Office. 


As the coverage clause in the EA  referes to ‘employees of the CSO’, the diocese stripped this group of members of agreement coverage and replaced the EA with contracts with the Modern Award as the basis of their employment.


The chapter is of the view that the Diocese will seek to undertake further restructuring which may result in more members being denied EA coverage. To remedy this the Union has sought a variation to the coverage clause to ensure that members will continue to have the protection of an EA even where a restructure is undertaken.


The employer has refused to agree to this clause placing at risk EA coverage for many members.


What can school chapters do?


To support the CSO chapter we ask that all chapters move the following motion, and their reps forward it to the relevant people as outlined in an email they will have received from the IEU.


The IEU chapter at                           calls on the Director of Schools to ensure that IEU members employed at the Catholic Schools Office are guaranteed coverage of the Enterprise Agreement for the life of the agreement.

This chapter rejects any attempt by employers to deny members the right to an EA.

The chapter offers our support for IEU members employed by the CSO. We recognise the importance of collective bargaining in securing improved salaries and conditions, and congratulate members employed at the CSO for taking this strong action.