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QLD Update: School strikes suspended to prevent "chaos"

Teachers and support staff have voted to suspend work bans in 196 Queensland Catholic schools, preventing chaos in classrooms across the state following their employers' lockout threat.


IEUA-QNT Branch Secretary Terry Burke said members had met on Monday (25 November) and Tuesday (26 November) and voted to suspend the work bans in a bid to prevent an unprecedented lockout of teachers and school staff by Queensland Catholic school employers.

They will instead seek the assistance of the FWC's New Approaches program to facilitate collective bargaining negotiations. The New Approaches program entails the FWC assisting both employer representatives and employee representatives to explore alternative solutions, in pursuit of an outcome.

The industrial actions undertaken by the over 7000 IEUA-QNT members are in relation to their ongoing enterprise agreement negotiations. During these negotiations, some progress had been made in addressing insecure work and issues for school support staff, however critical concerns about workload and wage parity with the state sector remain unresolved, prompting the protected industrial action undertaken.


Workload intensification and wage parity issues remain the key issues for Queensland members, and the union is calling on employers to negotiate on these issues through the New Approaches program.