Supporting the independent education community

Support for schools and early childhood centres during bushfire alert

Some schools and early childhood services are being significantly impacted by the current bushfire emergency.


The IEU is aware of that a number of schools and early childhood centres have been significantly affected and that teachers and support staff who live in these areas may also suffer damage to their homes.


These events have a devastating effect on communities and individuals, including teachers and support staff and the students and children in their care.


Detailed fire risk updates can be found on the Rural Fire Service website.


Support from Teachers Health


Teachers Health has announced as assistance package to support members who have been directly impacted by bushfires.


Teachers Health members who have been adversely affected and directly impacted by the bushfires may be eligible to receive six months contribution relief on their health fund membership.


For more information, or to determine your eligibility for assistance, please email Jane Stower ­


Teachers Mutual Bank


Teachers Mutual Bank is aware that there may be a number of teachers and support staff affected by the current crisis. A significant number of our membership reside in the impacted areas and we are committed to supporting members in these areas as well as the wider education sector.


More information can be obtained directly from Teachers Mutual Bank on 131221.