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Call for syllabus writers


The union is calling for expressions of interest for syllabus writing teams as part of the new syllabus development process for the NSW curriculum reform.


NESA is seeking teachers, including Aboriginal teachers and teachers with expertise in special education, to write the syllabuses and/or support material for the syllabuses listed below:

  • K–6 Creative Arts
  • K–6 HSIE
  • K–6 PDHPE
  • K–6 Science and Technology
  • K–6 Languages (Modern, Classical)
  • 7–10 Languages (Modern, Classical)
  • 7–10 Computing Technology (support material)
  • 11–12 Geography
  • 11–12 Health and Movement Science
  • 11–12 Technologies (Enterprise Computing and Software Engineering)

Recommended teachers need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Current experience in teaching the relevant syllabus
  • Expertise in pedagogical and content knowledge
  • Knowledge and experience in Aboriginal Education (for Aboriginal teacher recommendations)
  • Knowledge and experience in teaching students with disability (for Special Education teachers)
  • Knowledge of the evidence to inform the development of effective curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment
  • Proven excellent written communication skills

The IEU’s recommendations will be based on the above criteria and your understanding that those who are nominated by the union are representing all members.


Syllabus writing is planned to commence in the second half of 2021. Further syllabus support material writing will continue throughout 2022. Teachers will be guided by Subject Matter Experts and the Curriculum Reform Leads.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the Member Nomination Form and return it to by close of business on Monday 24 May.


Due to the tight deadline, we are unable to consider late entries.