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IEU welcomes CCER assurances on Term 2

IEU welcomes the assurances from the Catholic Commission of Employment Relations on behalf of Diocesan Directors on a safe return to schools in Term 2. 

Among their commitments, in line with the requests made by the IEU, are:

  • Guarantees that staff and students must remain home where they are unwell.
  • Medically vulnerable staff and those living with medically vulnerable persons will be permitted to continue working from home. In certain instances, such as where the circumstance was previously unknown to the Principal, some form of supporting medical evidence may be expected.
  • Dioceses confirm there should be no unreasonable additional workload for teachers in the transition, with only one mode of delivery for any particular teacher at any one time.
  • Dioceses and Catholic Schools NSW will continue working with suppliers and Department of Education to ensure schools have access to sufficient supplies of soap and other hygiene supplies.
  • Schools will implement appropriate physical distancing measures in accordance with health advice, including in classrooms, staff rooms, and other school areas. Decisions around implementation are to be taken at a local school level, based on local knowledge and appropriate risk assessment.
  • Schools will continue to implement and communicate sound hygiene practices, including appropriate signage and guidance to staff and students.
  • Local procedures for student drop off and pick up will be developed.

This letter is an acknowledgment that the WHS issues surrounding a return to school of utmost importance.

The union requests members to check whether these protections are in fact in place at your school once school goes back and immediately notify the union of any concerns.

The safety of members is our first priority, and we will hold any schools to account who fail to comply with these measures.

Read CCER's letter in response to the IEU's requests - both attached below


CCER response to IEU letter seeking clarification on guidelines for a safe return to school in term 2.
IEU letter seeking clarification on guidelines for a safe return to school in term 2.