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COVID-19 action plan for early childhood services



IEU COVID-19 Action Plan for Services


The IEU recommends that you check the following websites regularly.  There is information and resources on dealing with Coronavirus in your service and it is updated regularly.  


The IEU recommends:



Helpful websites

Check regularly for updated information




Social Distancing

This will help to flatten

 the curve

  • Social distancing during child arrival and pick up should be implemented. 
  • One pick up at a time within centre.



Signs of Illness

Early detection ensures less people put at risk

  • Children and employees that show any signs of illness should be excluded from the centre until they are well.  
  • Children should be picked up immediately if they show any signs of illness during the day.
  • Children who show signs of illness to be moved away to a safe place until collected.
  • Thermometers can be used to check children’s temperatures upon arrival and at other times during the day – Thermometers need to be sterilized after each use.




Vitally important for all

to follow

  • Hand sanitizer should be placed in strategic places throughout the centre.
  • Children and staff should be encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly throughout the day including upon arrival, before eating, after toileting, after assisting a child to blow their nose.
  • As the virus may survive for two days or more on hard surfaces that are frequently used, surfaces should be cleaned at the start and end of each day, and periodically during the day.  
  • Toys should be wiped frequently.
  • Services should also ensure that their cleaners do a thorough clean every day, this may mean engaging them for more hours.




Other Measures


  • Children should not move from room to room so mixed age grouping (which often happens at the start and end of the day) should not be taking place.
  • Try and limit the number of children in outdoor areas. 
  • Rolling mealtimes including morning tea and lunch times should be implemented; children should not be lining up and group times should be limited to small numbers of children.