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IEUA letter concerning JobKeeper to Minister for Education Dan Tehan

Today our federal office wrote to the Minister for Education seeking urgent discussions around the new ‘JobKeeper’ payment - specifically regarding our concerns that it does not adequately deal with the situation of many Casual Relief Teachers who will stand to lose much or all of their income in the short term.

We also raised concerns that the payment will not offer protection for staff (particularly support staff) in the majority of schools which will not be able to demonstrate an immediate decrease in revenue.


Read the letter below:

Dear Minister

Whilst the IEUA has welcomed the provision of a wage subsidy, the JobKeeper allowance, there are several issues that impact on our members that the wage subsidy in its current form does not address.

The IEUA does not wish to see the school funding debate be inflamed at this time, but nevertheless, it is because of the current funding arrangements that will mean many of our members risk being stood-down or receive no income at all in the coming time because the 30% threshold of loss of revenue will not be able to be demonstrated.

IEUA members working in support roles in schools have already been warned by employers that their jobs are at risk. The IEUA believes that there is a responsibility for employers to maintain their staff in the current climate and in particular, schools and systems in receipt of high levels of per student funding. However, the IEUA believes that there is a need for consideration of the wide diversity of schools and their communities to establish appropriate variation mechanisms to ensure workers in all schools can be retained and supported.

In relation to casual relief teachers, the IEUA believes that there are innovative models of recognition of prior service with an employer that can be developed in consultation with the IEUA that could form part of the basis of a package of response to the sector.

It is clear that casual relief teachers in schools currently have a poor outcome under the current JobKeeper model and many are facing zero income in the coming period.

The IEUA would welcome an opportunity to discuss these issues with you at your earliest convenience.