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NESA teacher accreditation during COVID-19 (NSW)

Recently, the IEU represented members’ concerns about accreditation requirements to NESA.


NESA has issued the following advice to ease requirements during this time period.



Extensions are available for teachers approaching their due dates for:

  • Proficient teacher applications
  • Maintenance periods

It is not necessary to contact NESA during this time period to apply for or confirm an extension. If your due date is approaching, it will be extended after the fact by NESA.


Professional Development

In ordinary circumstances, teachers are permitted to complete their 100 hours of PD at any time during their maintenance period (5 years if full time, 7 years if part time/casual).


If you are due in 2020, particularly in the next few months, NESA will extend your maintenance period to allow you more time to complete PD later this year.


If you are due in 2021 or later, it is fine not to complete PD right now, as long as you complete the normal requirements by your due date.


IEU members can continue to access our free suite of NESA Registered PD: