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Statement from NGS for IEU members

In Australia and around the world, the news about coronavirus changes daily, even hourly. This makes many of us more anxious than usual to keep on top of things, and we understand that you probably have questions and concerns about your super. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated page on our website for all updates and resources. NGS Website


Early access to super is one of the measures in the government stimulus package — you can read more about it here.


And if you’ve been concerned about your insurance, you’ll be pleased to know that our insurer, TAL, has now waived the pandemic clause — this means that any claim you need to make that is related to Covid-19 will not be excluded on that basis.


Our CEO and Chief Investment Officer are also providing updates about the Fund and our portfolio whenever there are significant events or changes. 


Please remember that you can check your super by visiting Member Online, and that our helpline is available on 1300 133 177, 8am to 8pm (AEST/AEDT), Monday to Friday. (At peak times, you may need to wait while we talk to other members; we do offer a call-back feature so that you can keep your position in the queue rather than staying on hold.)