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Working remotely - IEU FAQs for Teachers

The union has prepared an FAQ document intended to address the professional concerns teachers may face if they are required to work remotely.

Support staff who are directed to continue interacting with students in an online environment will also find this document useful.

While general leave issues will be broadly addressed, it is not the intention of this document to provide specific industrial advice in this area as this is currently a very fluid environment. You are advised to consult the Union website for the most up to date information regarding the provision of leave in your school/sector during this current situation.

Where the information presented in this document is in conflict with guidelines or practices currently in place at your school and is of concern, you should contact your IEU Organiser who will be able to provide the most current advice and, if necessary, provide you with assistance in organising Chapter meetings to deal with these issues at a local level.

Members are reminded that their professional judgement must be acknowledged and respected, especially during these critical times. Where you are experiencing difficulties you are advised to contact your Organiser for advice and support.

Download the FAQ document below