Supporting the independent education community

Enterprise bargaining in independent schools

Please see below a NewsExtra setting out IEU claims for new multi-enterprise agreements (MEAs) for teachers and support staff employed in independent schools.  
As you may be aware, the Association of Independent Schools, on behalf of schools in NSW and the ACT, started bargaining for new MEAs at the end of 2019. We need to inform members of this bargaining process and seek your feedback, although we are of course aware that our members are currently working in a very challenging environment.
Please encourage the Union Rep in your school to consult with members about the claims set out in the NewsExtra, either by way of a face to face meeting or email vote. We would appreciate it if a response on the Motion could be sent back to the IEU, if possible by Friday 3 April. We are aware this is a short timeframe but we are concerned that communications will become even more difficult in coming weeks. If you do not have a Rep, members may wish to elect a Rep as part of your meeting. Your IEU Organiser will be happy to discuss these claims with members, either by way of attending a Chapter meeting or by electronic means.   
The union will also be circulating by separate email a short survey to teachers in Standards Model MEA and Hybrid Model MEA schools.  This survey is relevant to salary progression under the MEAs and all teacher members are urged to complete it.  
Please be assured the Union is doing all we can to represent members during this difficult period and members should not hesitate to contact us for assistance.