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HSC update

NESA’s Board has agreed to make adjustments to requirements to protect the health and safety of students completing the HSC and their teachers and parents. The decisions about the 2020 HSC have been made by NESA’s COVID-19 Response Committee.


HSC students will have the opportunity to receive their HSC credential in 2020, and NESA advises that students should continue to learn, complete assessments and take care of themselves.


  • Principals and system authorities have the power to determine the number, type and weighting of tasks for Year 11 and HSC school based assessment
  • VET students are not required to completed NESA work placements
  • Mandatory group performance exams in Drama and the mandatory ensemble performance exam in Music Extension have been cancelled. More information is forthcoming about this in the coming week. A Technical Advisory Committee is working on a fair and equitable way to calculate marks for cancelled components of the HSC.
  • Other performance exams that breach social distancing requirements have been modified.

Next week, the Committee will meet provide more detailed advice for:

  • Visual Arts
  • Design and Technology
  • Industrial Technology
  • Textiles and Design
  • English Ext 2
  • Society and Culture

For school based HSC assessments:

  • Schools must follow social distancing requirements when planning or administering school based assessment tasks
  • NESA’s principles of assessments still apply.

HSC disability provisions should still be submitted by the school for 2020 HSC exams. NESA acknowledges that evidence may be difficult to collect in some cases due to the COVID-19 outbreak. NESA advises schools should apply for the provisions and update or submit a variation request for the application later when more evidence is available.


NESA update this page regularly with information about responses to COVID-19.