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Suggested alternative duties for non-teaching staff

If your employer isn't willing to embrace some flexibility in your work duties in order to maintain your employment, you should immediately contact (or join!) your union.


Suggested duties for non-teaching staff

​​The IEU has prepared a document with suggested duties which might be allocated to Teacher's Aides (CSAs, LSOs, LSAs, SSOs) Specialist Teachers, and other Support Staff in order to ensure continuity of employment during the online/remote working period.

Note: these are suggestions only, there may well be other contextual needs for your school.

In Class Learning Support Staff

  • Liaise with classroom teachers and initiate contact with students on personal plans or other at risk/vulnerable students as required.
  • Assist students to manage asynchronous learning and establish routines to assist students in their new learning environment.
  • Provide support to indigenous students.
  • Online support for families for whom English is not their first language.
  • Listening to reading, sounds etc and providing feedback to teacher and parents.
  • Making and laminating resources for students, including visual timetables, choice indicators, ‘first-then’ charts, executive functioning scaffolds, games to build and practice specific knowledge and skills, bump it Ups, Anchor Charts etc. (Pick up and delivery may need to be arranged)
  • Sourcing/Directing/facilitating students to play games that have education focus online. Listed these to share with all staff/region/Union.
  • Using School iPads to analyse Learning Apps that will enhance student learning, with a particular view to support specific student with whom they work. Share with the classroom teacher to push out to students. Share with your Union.
  • Create social stories to be used in the school setting, these can be general or specific.
  • Assist students in keeping a daily diary of this unique period of time in the history of our nation.
  • Source online resources and ideas using websites, for example:

Sparkle Box,

Read, Write, Think

  • Resource research (for online or physical instruction) – minor and major capital purchases to enhance student access and participation, categorise according to age group/subject/KLA, and suggest ways of use:

  • Investigate support materials being supplied at a system level and advise teachers as to their availability and use.
  • Allocate support staff to contact individual students on a daily/regular phone check (via parents) to ensure they are actively engaging in the online learning process. (Work closely with the student’s teachers to ensure you know what they should be working on).
  • Work closely with really high needs students who may experience issues with self-starting, organizational skills, concentration, or anxiety. A zoom meeting might work best there, where the staff members can model the work required, appropriately set student/parental expectations, and give advice on how to get organized.
  • Document and adjustments which are being implemented for students in the online working environment.
  • Assist the student in negotiating their whole of school workload by being the liaison person for all of the student’s teachers.
  • Maintain email contact with Learning Enrichment Team
  • Some MultiLit/ Maths On The Move tasks could be carried out with individuals or small groups of students via Zoom (School protocols followed).
  • Scanning and filing/archiving of educational reports and other documents.
  • Organisation of soft copy/digital documents/archives.
  • Marking for online tasks or formative assessments - perhaps for a group of students that the support staff member normally assists (i.e. not the whole class except under certain circumstances – Primary spelling quiz etc).
  • Undertake online special needs training/PD to upskill.  
  • NB: All correspondence with students should be preapproved or CCd to the Principal/Head of Dept/Supervising Teacher.  The school Learning Management System should be the delivery platform. All school child safety, Zoom/web-based learning protocols followed.
  • Preparation of evidence of adjustments for students in the NCCD count, such as records or parent and teacher meetings and internal meetings relating to educational adjustments.
  • Adjustments to online teaching resources for students with learning difficulties and language disorder, preparing writing scaffolds for students.
  • Collation and uploading of data and evidence for exam (HSC etc) Disability Provisions.
  • Data collection relating to student engagement in online learning tasks and supporting teachers in feeding this information back to parents.


General Professional Learning/Capacity building

Teacher Librarians

  • Conduct online research to assist teacher preparations.
  • Provide summaries of information from major associations to teachers with respect to online learning.
  • Prepare video tutorials related to learning in an online world; how to access online resources; copyright issues; correct referencing techniques; how to guide for online book borrowing.
  • Resource audit if not already completed.

Specialist Teachers

  • Any of the above as appropriate.
  • Could provide online tasks/tutorials.
  • Relief as required.

Grounds people/Farm Managers

  • Continue grounds work as required.
  • Attend to general maintenance.
  • Tend farm animals and upkeep of gardens/Ag plots.

Admin/Support Staff

  • Continued admin support for Principal and teachers.
  • Organise to liaise with parents if teachers are on leave.
  • Collate teacher/student contact logs and provide to Principal or delegate.
  • Manage social media communications.
  • Continue/enhance communication systems e.g. newsletters/email updates to families for Principal’s final approval.

Canteen Staff

  • Some schools have taken it upon themselves to provide/part subsidise lunch for staff who are rostered to be on site supervising students who are still attending.
  • Most schools still have students attending. It should be possible to establish a consistent pattern of lunch orders for the week to provide some degree of certainty for canteen staff.
Note: these are suggestions only, there may well be other contextual needs for your school.