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CCER responds to union request around EA negotiations

Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) has responded to the union’s correspondence from 7 May, in which we informed CCER that to further delay bargaining beyond Week 7 because of COVID-19 is unreasonable and unfair to our members.


CCER had previously informed the union that they wished to put agreement negotiations on hold until at least Week 7 of Term 2, and that dioceses were opposed to any administrative payment of a 2.5% pay increase from January this year.


In their latest correspondence with the union, CCER indicated an unwillingness to resume negotiations before Week 7, and that the decision as to when negotiations would resume would not be made until Week 7.


We look forward to the resumption of negotiations as soon as possible so we can reassure our members who are of course expecting pay rises in line with those received by teachers and support staff in government schools.


You can read the full CCER correspondence below