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EA bargaining update - Catholic systemic schools

Catholic Systemic EA Update

24 June


The union continued bargaining for a Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement this afternoon with representatives from the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER).


Importantly, the union has secured a commitment from all dioceses to lock in pre-COVID understandings regarding pay and improvements.


CCER has confirmed, and members can look forward to, the back payment of 2.5% salary increases due in January of this year as soon as the new agreement is finalised. Members can also expect a further 2.28% increase this coming January 2021. For teachers in the ACT, a 3% pay increase is due from July 2020, and those members can expect that increase to be back paid from that date once the agreement is finalised.


Key improvements include:

  • Natural disaster leave (5 days per annum)
  • Domestic violence leave
  • For teachers taking maternity leave, up to twelve months of parental leave will count as service in terms of salary progression.

Importantly, dioceses have agreed to an expedited transition to the standards pay scale. This will particularly assist part time teachers employed before 2014.


For support staff, the union and CCER will form a joint working party, which will include member representation.  The working party will attempt to reach agreement on the application of pay rises that have been paid to support staff in government schools.


The union and dioceses are progressing discussions to finalise improvements to Work Practices Agreements. The specifics of these WPAs vary between dioceses, and include rules around class sizes, meeting lengths and frequencies, and other similar conditions. While being diocese specific, they are still referenced in the Enterprise Agreement and, importantly, are enforceable in the Fair Work Commission.


The union expects the EA will be finalised ready for voting in the second half of Term 3. Members will be provided with further details closer to the date and as negotiations continue.


The union expects that dioceses will back pay staff after a ‘Yes’ vote on the EA.


These important commitments are due to the many hundreds of chapter meetings that have happened across NSW and the ACT. This member action is extremely valued, and we thank you for continuing to back this campaign.