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Education Council - Universal Access National Partnership review

Education Council considered the final report on the review of the Universal Access National Partnership (UANP). The review was established by Education Council as a collaborative process to assess: the degree to which the objectives, outcomes and outputs of the UANP have been achieved since 2014; broader benefits for the community and economy; and the efficiency, effectiveness and equity of current funding, measurement and performance arrangements.


The review, conducted by the Nous Group, was informed by extensive public submissions, survey responses, webinars and a discussion paper. The IEU made a submission to the review and were consulted by the Nous Group in this process.


Among its key findings, the review has found that the UANP has successfully delivered on its objectives and has made a substantial contribution to the provision of preschool in all states and territories. All jurisdictions – state, territory and federal - remain strongly committed to the delivery of quality early childhood education and the objectives of this agreement. The UANP has also been found to have brought about a massive lift in preschool participation across Australia in less than 10 years.


Some jurisdictions noted however that the report does not adequately address questions of equity in national preschool funding arrangements. They consider that there is more to do to develop equitable preschool funding arrangements and to encourage vulnerable and disadvantaged cohorts to engage in early childhood education.


The report will inform Education Council’s consideration of future early childhood funding and policy arrangements from 2021, including future funding of universal access to quality early childhood education.


Ministers agreed to release the final report on the Education Council website later this month.