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Fully paid pandemic leave

The unthinkable has happened.

Despite all of us working hard over many months to successfully flatten the curve and contain the virus, COVID-19 has once again taken hold of our lives.

We’re seeing border closures, new lockdowns, and big spikes in case numbers.

So we can control and live with this virus, the Morrison Government must give all working people support to isolate and stay at home if they need to. Those who quarantine are protecting all us, we need to protect them.

Click here to support our call for fully paid pandemic leave for all workers.

We have to get it right this time.

We are calling on the Morrison Government to urgently provide paid pandemic leave at the full rate of pay for everyone who needs testing or must quarantine - no matter how many times this may happen.

Paid pandemic leave is essential for all workers. We must protect jobs and stop the spread of the virus. Add your name to our campaign here.

Living with new waves of this virus is becoming our new normal. This means our laws have to change to reflect the reality of working people’s lives.

We know that vulnerable workers without sick leave who fear losing their jobs can’t afford to take the actions needed to prevent further spread of the virus. They avoid getting tested and being quarantined.

The Morrison Government must fund pandemic leave for all workers – the cost will be a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of ongoing lockdowns caused by new waves of infection.

The more people who support our call for paid pandemic leave, the harder it is for Scott Morrison to ignore. Add your name here. 

Thank you for your support and strength in these worrying times. Together we can win this protection for all workers and help control the spread of COVID-19.

In solidarity,

Sally McManus

ACTU Secretary