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Fund uni fairly

Higher education is in crisis and the Federal Government chooses now to radically restructure the funding of our universities – reducing the funding per student and damaging the critical research and teaching our nation relies upon. We must work together to stop them in the Senate. 

Send your message to the Senate – Fund Uni Fairly! 

COVID-19 has already devastated university finances, stripping away billions of dollars in revenue and jeopardising tens of thousands of jobs.

Instead of fairly funding our universities and fixing the crisis, the Government and Dan Tehan want to push the cost on to students and staff. They will double fees for some degrees and cut funding across the board by 15% per student if they get their way.

It’s not fair to make students and staff pay for the crisis in higher education.

Right now we can still stop this becoming law. Key crossbenchers can still be persuaded to vote down these cuts and hikes.

Jacquie Lambie and Centre Alliance are still weighing up how to vote when Parliament returns. They need to hear to hear from you and those close to you. 

Will you join me and send a message to key crossbench Senators to block the bill? 

If you get the right marks and work hard you should be able to get into uni – regardless of how much money you’ve got.

But under Dan Tehan’s scheme, some degrees will increase by as much as 113% - doubling from $6,804 to $14,500 per year.

We don’t want to go down the American road where only a few can get into university and the rest of us are saddled with a lifetime of debt. Let’s send that message to the crossbench Senators who are making up their minds right now. 

Send your message to a crossbench Senator and ask 5 friends to do the same. Don’t let Tehan’s agenda become law.


Dr Alison Barnes  
NTEU National President