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New ways of doing things in an early childhood setting

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 virus has changed the way teachers interact with their colleagues, parents and children in their centres. Gone are the days of the long goodbyes from parents to their bubs or the lingering chit chat with other parents and teachers from little Johnnie’s new friend to how to get red paint out of the new t shirt.


Contracting COVID -19 can result in serious outcomes for anyone, and even though we can be relatively assured by our medical authorities and Government that early learning environments (and schools) are safe places and young children are not petri dishes you cannot be complacent in believing old ways of doing things will be enough to ensure the health and safety of all who enter and leave the centre.


The IEU know that early childhood teachers ensure their services are highly organised in areas of care and education and health and safety, but with the emergence of COVID-19 we are seeing teachers introducing new ways of doing things. 


Some new practices we are seeing.


Concierge Drop off and Pickup - One staff member is assigned to collect the child from the parent before they enter the building. The child’s hands are sanitised or washed upon entering the building, and the child is then exclusively walked to their room to engage with their friends. This practice is reversed for parents collecting their children at the end of the day.


Real Time Clean – The IEU are of the understanding that some centres are receiving phone spot checks from the department inquiring about what additional cleaning and extra hygiene practices are being put in place.  Real time clean is exactly that clean as you go with either disinfectant wipes or containers of warm soapy water and cloths.  Staff and children are encouraged to wipe over equipment/toys after they use them.


These are just a couple of new ways of doing things we are hearing from our teachers. If you have other new ways of doing things in your service, we would love to hear from you.


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Stay safe and healthy.