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No asbestos in COVID-19 relief

Banner reads 'No asbestos in COVID-19 relief'

Last year, Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA, campaigned to stop Australian money and development funding being spent on asbestos products through the Asian Development Bank. Thanks to supporters and international allies, they won that campaign, and now they’re asking you to help with an even bigger target:

We want to make sure that no COVID-19 health funding or economic stimulus funding from international development banks can be spent on asbestos products.

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Right now there is unprecedented international funding for public health programsIf this funding is not protected from the asbestos industry, then we will see hospitals, health clinics, and infrastructure, housing, and public buildings constructed with asbestos. Unless we act to win safe, sustainable, and just stimulus spending, then corporations and industry lobbies will take advantage of this moment to advance their own interests. It will leave a dangerous and tragic legacy for communities and workers.

The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and other multilateral development banks have announced tens of billions of dollars in grants and credit to the world’s poorest countries.

To match the unprecedented global response by international organisations and governments across the world, we can take a bold step by committing that no recovery or health stimulus funds will be used to purchase asbestos building products.

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Right now we're working with international allies to take this urgent matter straight to the Boards and Presidents of the banks. 

We need you to be part of this global campaign to make sure the asbestos industry doesn't profit from a health crisis.