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Taking the temperature – IEU workplace checkup survey

More than 2300 members have already filled out the IEU survey on COVID-19 work health and safety compliance in their workplace. Please take the opportunity to fill out the survey and help the union get a comprehensive understanding of the situation in your school or centre.


With the increasing return of students back to school, the IEU believes that work health and safety requirements must be in place for students and staff at all schools.


Please complete the following short survey by Monday 11 May so that the union has a picture of whether our members are safe


Vulnerable staff should be able to continue to work from home - employers can easily provide such work whilst attendance remains below normal levels. Staff should not be forced to take personal/carer’s leave if they wish to work from home because they are medically vulnerable, are pregnant or are a carer for a medically vulnerable person.




In all cases, if you do not feel safe, please say so. In the first instance you should advise your principal of your concerns as soon as possible.  All IEU Chapters should meet (including by zoom if a significant number of teachers are working from home) to pro-actively review the work health and safety in your school, workload issues and any work practices which may place staff and students at risk. Where possible, you should look at any practical solution which would resolve the problem.


If you have any difficulties in having your concerns dealt with, you should contact your IEU Organiser.


There is a separate survey for early childhood teacher members. Check it out here