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Urgent petition: Public sector pay cut announced

In shock news, the current NSW Government has announced a pay cut for all public sectors workers in our state. 

Join the campaign to fight back!

This will hurt 410,000 nurses, paramedics, firefighters, cleaners, police, teachers and many others! 

When the virus hit, public sector workers had to work harder than ever before. They continued going into work despite the greater risk of contracting coronavirus. Without them, Australia wouldn't be getting through this pandemic better than most other nations. 

But now, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian wants to cut their pay for at least 12 months (what she sneakily calls a "pay freeze" even though it means workers will have less money in real terms). 

Why? Because this Government views workers as an easy target - they don't have the wealth or power of big business, CEOs and banks that should be forced to pay their fair share of tax. 

Be part of this campaign to change that.

Plus, the Premier has already awarded pay rises to Government CEOs and Heads of Departments - the Infrastructure NSW CEO even got a $65,500 pay rise!

But it gets worse for all us. When the lockdowns and social distancing started, people stopped spending money in their communities and shops. This turned into an economic crisis.

The Government employs 1 in 10 people in NSW and could increase the pay of its workers who spend in our communities and shops - with the lockdowns slowly easing, now is the perfect time! 

You can't cut your way to economic growth. If they cut worker's pay this will only prolong the economic downturn for all of us.