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NewsExtra: Maitland-Newcastle Diocese EA update


 The union is close to finalising a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) to apply to employees in Catholic systemic schools in NSW and the ACT. However, the union has struck a hurdle in negotiations with the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle concerning the Work Practice Agreements (WPAs) that sit alongside the EA as the Diocese has sought to reduce existing conditions. At this stage the Diocese has not withdrawn any of the proposed reductions in conditions set out in this Update and our next meeting is on Friday 21 August 2020. 

We need your help! 

Reductions in conditions sought by the Diocese include the following: 

Secondary schools 

Meeting times – an increase in the maximum number of hours of meetings per term from 10 hours to 12.5 per term. 

Practical classes – an increase in TAS and Visual Art class sizes from a maximum of 24 students to 25 students. 

Primary schools 

Changes to RFF – giving the Principal a say over how a teacher uses their RFF (rather than the teacher choosing the professional task they wish to do). 

Reduced RFF for Coordinators and APs – reducing RFF for 2 point Coordinators, RECs and Assistant Principals by stating that their RRF is based on their teaching load only. 

Requirement to stay after the end of the school day – removing the right of teachers to leave school at the end of the school day. 

All schools 

Jobshare – the deletion of jobshare clauses from the WPAs. Jobshare provisions help make part time employment arrangements in schools work. 

Coordinator and AP appointments – removal of provisions setting out contract periods for Coordinators (two years, four years, six years) and removal of guaranteed salary maintenance for APs and Coordinators if a contract is not renewed. 

Chapter meetings 

The union asks all IEU Chapters to hold an urgent meeting (face to face or by zoom) to vote on the following motion. Your IEU Organiser will be happy to attend and answer any questions (call Newcastle office on 

4926 9400). 

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