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Vote YES: Enterprise Agreements for teachers and support staff in Catholic Independent Schools Model B and C






August 2020

Enterprise Agreements for Teachers and Support Staff

Catholic Independent Schools (Model B and C)


The union received an improved offer from the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) in July for the Multi-Enterprise Agreements (MEAs) to cover teachers and support staff in Model B and Model C Catholic independent schools. This followed meetings of members in over 30 schools.

The CCER has now finalised the MEAs ready to be distributed to employees for voting.


Pay increases

The MEAs will be in force for 2020 and 2021, until 31 December 2021. The pay rises for teachers and support staff will be as follows:


Model B – Teachers

Model C – Teachers

Models B and C – Support Staff

From the first pay period after:

From the first pay period after:

From the first pay period after:

1 February 2020


1 January 2020


29 January 2020


1 February 2021


1 January 2021


29 January 2021



The union understands these increases and back pay will not be paid before (at the earliest) the MEAs are approved by vote in each school. These votes will be conducted by schools.

Lead teacher

For the first time the Teacher MEAs will include the classification of Lead Teacher, with a pay rate the same as that applying to a Highly Accomplished Teacher.

Other teacher classification changes

The Teacher MEAs will now include the classification of “Proficient Pending” Teacher. This classification ensures that experienced teachers who have transferred from interstate or who are from overseas, or who have not maintained their Proficient status with NESA, are not disadvantaged under the standards classification model.


In addition, overseas teaching service in schools and teaching service after 1 January 2020 in early childhood services will be recognised for classification for the first time.

Emergency disaster leave

A new form of leave, called emergency disaster leave, will be available when employees are unable to attend work because of floods, fires and other natural disasters. This leave will be deducted from the personal/carer’s leave balance of the employee and will be capped at five days per year.

Cultural and ceremonial leave

Schools have agreed to three days paid leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to attend community meetings and unpaid leave is also available for ceremonial purposes.

Part time support staff – additional hours paid at casual rates

For the first time additional hours worked by a part time employee beyond their normal rostered hours must be paid at either casual rates or, if the hours are outside ordinary hours or more than eight hours per day, overtime rates. The casual rate is calculated by adding 20% or 25% to the applicable unaveraged part time hourly rate, depending on the classification. The additional hours do not count for the accrual of leave.


Disputes procedure

Following motions and meetings held in over 30 schools, employers agreed that disputes referred by the union or employees to the Fair Work Commission could be resolved in a binding way (arbitrated) by the Commission. This makes it much easier for the union to enforce entitlements in the MEAs or contained in the National Employment Standards without going through a legalistic process in a court.


What’s not to like?

Schools have not agreed to:

  • match pay rises received by support staff in government schools in 2019
  • increase the long service leave entitlement of support staff
  • match the way teachers are classified in government and Catholic systemic schools. For example, in government schools and Catholic systemic schools, one year of unpaid parental leave will be counted as teaching service for the purpose of incremental progression
  • provide release from face to face teaching for early career teachers and their mentors or supervisors as an entitlement in the MEA.


Schools have also inserted a provision for the first time mirroring a provision in the Long Service Leave Act that permits employers to direct support staff to take long service leave with four weeks’ notice. The union requested that a much longer period of notice be provided, as occurs with teachers, but this was rejected.


Next steps

The MEAs will be circulated to employees this week by employers and the union understands voting will commence late next week.


Support staff and teachers in each school will vote on the relevant MEA (either the Teachers MEA or the Support Staff MEA) applying to them and their school. The pay rises and improvements will only come into effect if employees at a school vote “YES” for the relevant MEA. The MEAs are then lodged with the Fair Work Commission for approval.


Notwithstanding our disappointment at some aspects of the settlement, we are recommending members vote “YES”. Make sure you participate in the vote and encourage your colleagues to vote.


The Union recommends that members vote YES

Please contact the Organiser for your school if you would like more information or a school visit (either actual or by zoom).


The IEU supports members. Invite your colleagues to join here:


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