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Celebrate early childhood education and care workers

Today on Early Childhood Educators day, we celebrate our workers in early childhood education and care, the teachers and educators, and recognise the vital contribution they make to the lives of children, families, and our country as a whole.


Now more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic, their work educating our children and ensuring they enjoy the benefits of a world class early education and best possible start to life. These workers have shown themselves, time and again, to be essential workers and an integral part of our social fabric and success.


Throughout this pandemic, early childhood teachers and educators have carried on in their important work, amidst uncertainty and in environments where social distancing is impossible to maintain, dedicated to providing their world class services to Australia’s young children. Their work has directly benefited the children in their care, as well as providing crucial support for parents and families to continue to work and sustain our economy and their households.


IEU NSW/ACT Branch Secretary Mark Northam, on behalf of the union, has expressed his support and admiration for our early childhood teachers.


“They have provided certainty and stability in an uncertain and precarious time, and are deserving of our thanks and support not just today, but always,” said Northam.


Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development Amanda Rishworth has shared her appreciation for these essential workers, and called on the Morrison Government to provide greater support and stability to this vital sector.


“Each and every day, early educators across Australia are educating our children and ensuring they get the best possible start to life,” said Rishworth in a statement.


“Despite their immense contribution, early educators have not been treated with the respect they deserve by the Morrison Government. The Government only provided JobKeeper for two-thirds of early educators – and then ripped JobKeeper from the sector before any other profession.


“These early educators have been hung out to dry by the Government. Today and everyday early educators deserve our appreciation, and they deserve much more from Scott Morrison and his Government.”


Minister for Education Dan Tehan has also acknowledged the extraordinary commitment of these essential workers, in a statement saying “They make a wonderful contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of the young children in their care, and are the unsung heroes for many parents, particularly those essential workers.


“I encourage parents, families and communities across Australia to let educators know how much they are appreciated, and to say thanks for their dedication to the children in their care.”