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Early childhood teachers are not cleaners


Recently the Department of Education published advice regarding deep cleaning after an expected outbreak of COVID-19. The Department advised that there was no need for specialised cleaners and that your normal cleaner could perform the task. 


We are aware of some services have requested that teachers and educators do the deep clean. Teachers are not cleaners and are not trained to be cleaners. Deep cleaning should be performed by your normal cleaner at the service or by specialist cleaners.


We are aware some services do not hire cleaners and expect staff to clean the centre as part of a teacher’s role. Teachers can be expected to do incidental cleaning only, ie pick up spills, etc. Cleaning other than incidental cleaning should be performed when children are not in attendance by a professional cleaner. If cleaning the service is an expected part of your role as a teacher, please contact your organiser to discuss. 


See the Early Childhood Education COVID-19 website for the Department’s advice.