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An update on agreement negotiations, and an important update to the Educational Services (Teachers) Award.

The IEU keeps a keen eye on pay and conditions for teachers in early childhood education and care. We recently spotted an error in the Fair Work Ombudsman’s published pay rates for the Educational Services (Teachers) Award pertaining to casual teachers in long day care centres. We immediately notified the Fair Work Ombudsman and asked that the correct pay rates be published. The Fair Work Ombudsman agreed and the correct rates have now been published. If you have any questions or queries about the correct rate of pay for casual teachers please contact the IEU. 


The union is pleased to report that negotiations are progressing for improved pay and conditions for teachers in the following early childhood education and care centres: SDN Children’s Services; Goodstart Early Learning; Ectarc (formerly IACC); Integricare; and Western Sydney University Early Learning Services. For regular updates check our website or contact your organiser.


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