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Have you completed the Professional Development required to maintain your accreditation?


If you work full-time and were accredited in July 2016 you need to have completed 100 hours of Professional Development by July 2021 to maintain your accreditation (if you work part-time you have until July 2023). This 100 hours is made up of NESA Registered and Teacher Identified PD. The NESA Registered component can be anywhere between 20 and the full 100 hours. 


There is no need to leave it up to the last minute! Did you know the IEU offers over 70 hours of free NESA Registered PD for members via IEU Zone and Teacher Learning Network (TLN)? Topics include Leadership, Behaviour Management, Communication with Families, Planning for Learning, Documentation, Inclusion, Teacher Wellbeing and Professionalism. Access our courses online or replay them at a time that suits you best. 


To register for TLN please email your name and membership number to and ask our Professional Development to set up a logon ID for you so you can get on with your PD maintenance right away. 


To register for and access IEU Zone:


To check out what’s on offer at TLN:

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