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AIS schools: Pay rise offers

Your union has developed an interactive map for members, so you can see which independent schools have confirmed pay rises for 2021, and which have not.

The Association of Independent Schools (AIS) is out of step with the rest of the education sectors in NSW by failing to guarantee pay rises commensurate with those won in other school sectors, including state and Catholic schools.

Check out the map and see how your school shapes up under this proposed model by the AIS.

Tips on using the map:

Click the arrow symbol in the top left corner of the map to view the legend.


Click on dots to view the school information and pay offer.


Search your school's suburb, to see if you are getting a similar pay offer to the school down the road.


Zoom in and around the state to find more schools, and see what they're being offered.


Bonus: Click the arrow symbol in the top left corner of the map, select legend, and you can choose to add the pay rise offers for Catholic Systemic schools to the map, so you can compare the AIS offers with those of other school employers.

View larger map