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Known EA voting issue at Diocese of Wollongong

Update: 11 November 2020

Further update on EA voting problems in the Diocese of Wollongong

The union understands that support staff in the Diocese of Wollongong received their voting instructions (how to vote online) for the proposed Enterprise Agreement around 1pm today, Wednesday 11 November.

If you still haven’t received this information, please contact the Australian Election Company immediately on FreeCall 1800 224 420 or by email at


If the problem is not resolved please contact the union. 


Remember to vote YES by this Friday 5pm.




Update: 11 November 2020

Still problems with support staff voting on the Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement in Wollongong Diocese

IEU has been advised that hundreds of support staff employees were accidentally left off the list to receive instructions on online voting on the proposed NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2020 in the Diocese of Wollongong.

Catholic Education is reviewing the list and hopes to rectify the problem by early this afternoon.

This will leave sufficient time for support staff to vote on the EA before the scheduled finish to voting on Friday.

IEU will keep you up to date with progress as soon as we find out.



The union has been made aware of an administrative error affecting the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) that has seen a number of support staff without the opportunity to cast their ballots for the Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2020.


The problem has arisen from an administrative error in the information that CEDoW provided to the Australian Election Company. The diocese has contacted the union regarding the oversight, and assure us they are in the process of rectifying the situation. 


CEDoW will ensure affected employees will be provided with an opportunity to cast their vote for the agreement.


The union expects this issue to be resolved shortly and reiterates that members will still have the chance to vote, with the voting period open until the end of the week on Friday.


The union is recommending to all our members in Catholic Systemic schools, teachers and support staff, to vote ‘YES’ for the proposed Enterprise Agreement.

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Why support staff should vote ‘YES’