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NSW Labor's local jobs first petition

NSW Labor is calling on the State Government to support local workers and boost local jobs, by buying locally.

With the assistance of a number of unions, NSW Labor has brought a Bill to Parliament which will force government agencies and departments to buy goods and services from local companies and suppliers who can guarantee jobs will stay here in New South Wales, rather than being sent offshore.

The ‘NSW Made – Local Jobs First Bill’ will require public money to be used for the public good by supporting local industries.

We must use the purchasing power of state government to restore local manufacturing capacity, expand our services sector, boost local content, and provide long-term, stable and rewarding jobs for local workers in New South Wales.

To bring on a debate in Parliament, we need 20,000 online signatures to their petition, which you can access here.

Please sign the petition share with your friends, family and workmates so that we can bring on this debate in Parliament ASAP.